The history of Redditch, like all towns, is made up of thousands, if not millions, of individual day-to-day events which take place as everyday life unfolds.

In many cases it is not until many years later that these events are recorded and become the history that shaped the town.

We have used many sources to collected together a list of such events and to document them in the form of time-lines.

As well as the Redditch Time Line, which includes all the events we have identified so far, there are separate timelines covering the period up until the New Town was started, the period of development of the New Town and the period following the dissolution of the Development Corporation and up until the present day.

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The process of compiling this time line is an on-going process and we welcome any input of additional events to be included, addition of dates or extra information about events which are included and corrections to any data included.  Please visit the contacts page for details of how to get in touch with us.      Email:

Events that have helped shape the Redditch we know today.

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